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How To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You


On this article, I’m going to dive into every thing you have to know concerning the shadow. Easy methods to face it, personal it, combine it, and use it as your rocket gasoline.

Ignore this recommendation, and your shadow will personal you. It is going to wreak havoc in your relationships. Left unfaced, your shadow turns into the anchor being pulled behind the boat of your life, dragging alongside the ocean flooring and slowing your progress in all that you simply try to perform.

After releasing my current article 7 Of My Favorite Quotes That Will Flip You Into A Higher Individual, one in every of my readers requested me what I assumed Carl Jung meant when he stated, “There isn’t a coming to consciousness with out ache.”

To me, shadow work is the epicentre of this painful self-discovery course of. It takes braveness and grit to be prepared to look into the darkest, most repressed elements of our psyche. Enter: shadow work.

What Is The Shadow?

The shadow is an idea that Carl Jung (a genius dude, method forward of his time) coined.

Merely put, our shadow is the so-called darkish aspect of our character.

All of us really feel positive presenting the brilliant, shiny, good elements of ourselves to the world (kindness, benevolence, generosity, thoughtfulness, and so on.)… however the elements of ourselves that we worry society would deem unsavoury typically get relegated to the shadow.

How Does Your Shadow Come Into Existence?

Regardless of how wholesome and constructive some individuals’s childhoods are, everybody experiences invalidation sooner or later in time.

Say you displayed a selected character trait (like rage, envy, or greed) if you have been a toddler and certainly one of your mother and father shamed you for it. You’d then infer, “Once I present these elements of myself to the world, I’m much less lovable. I’m much less protected. Subsequently, it isn’t protected to point out these elements of myself to the world. These elements are much less lovable than the remainder of me.”

When this happens, we forged these seemingly much less lovable issues into the discard pile of our personal private shadow.

Compound this development over time, and we study to make sure elements of ourselves so ‘fallacious’ or unlovable that we by no means give them any time to return out and play. And the longer we suffocate these elements of ourselves, the extra energy these traits achieve over us (whereas lurking within the shadows of our unconscious thoughts).

Briefly, the issues that we’re in rejection of are the issues that come to type the constructing blocks of our shadow self.

What Occurs If You Aren’t In Proper Relationship With Your Shadow?


When you haven’t accomplished acutely aware shadow work to face into and combine your shadow, a few of the commonest unwanted side effects are:

– Problem in relationships (friendships, intimate companions, familial, enterprise/colleagues, and so forth.)

– Persistent emotions of distance, separation, and isolation from others

– The identical irritating classes showing in our lives again and again (for instance, considering that you simply’ve lastly met a romantic associate who is totally in contrast to your final 5 after which discovering out they’re the very same – in probably the most irritating methods – because the earlier ones)

– Misalignment in your profession and relationships

– Lashing out at individuals with anger, jealousy, or being manipulative, in methods which are seemingly utterly out of left area and incongruent with who you assume your self to be

– A scarcity of ardour and power all through your life normally

Somebody who hasn’t built-in their shadow can also be a danger issue (to themselves and to the world).

Individuals who perpetually suppress elements of themselves and have an more and more giant shadow aspect are at a higher danger of turning into rapists, murderers, suicide statistics, and mass shooters. This may sound dramatic, nevertheless it isn’t. When elements of the psyche are hidden away for too lengthy, these suppressed feelings convert themselves into demons – and people demons have to discover a method out, a method or one other.

“Should you deliver forth what’s inside you, what you convey forth will prevent. Should you don’t deliver forth what’s inside you, what you don’t deliver forth will destroy you.” – Gospel of Thomas

Why Is It So Troublesome To Face Into Your Shadow?

The issues that you simply suppress into the shadow have been as soon as put there for a purpose. In lots of instances, these causes might have actually felt like they have been a matter of life or demise.

It’s not unusual for youngsters in multi-sibling household methods to worry that in the event that they don’t suppress the seemingly much less lovable elements of themselves, that they’ll lose love and/or be forged out of the household.

“Do mother and pop love my brother/sister greater than me? Are my mother and father glad that they had me? How do I earn my place on this household? Do I ask for an excessive amount of?”

Even when these ideas haven’t any foundation in actuality (i.e. the mother and father have been by no means on the precipice of throwing their worst behaved baby out on the streets) fears like these can nonetheless propagate within the ego-centric minds of youngsters.

When one begins to really look into their shadow, there’s a lot psychological resistance.

Particularly round our most painful ideas, reminiscences, and layers of self-rejection, there are sometimes psychological buffers that maintain us from understanding the precise elements of us that we might be probably the most let loose by assuaging.

The shadow is sneaky like this. It’s as if we’re strolling by means of the snow… and our shadow compels us to stroll in a path our acutely aware thoughts wouldn’t need us to go. However once we look behind ourselves, we see no foot steps as to how we arrived there (as a result of the unintegrated shadow hides our tracks, as we step, with out our consciousness).

It’s troublesome to look into our shadow as a result of it’s precisely these shadow points that we’ve got been rejecting for years, if not many years. It has been their full time job to not be recognized by us.

Our shadow doesn’t need to be seen as a result of the issues that we forged apart way back have been too painful to really be with.

This doesn’t imply that it’s unimaginable to face these features of ourselves and reclaim them (by no means). It merely signifies that these points of ourselves gained’t be recognized by us and not using a struggle.

“The shadow is an ethical drawback that challenges the entire ego-personality, for nobody can turn into acutely aware of the shadow with out appreciable ethical effort. To turn out to be acutely aware of it includes recognizing the darkish elements of the character as current and actual. This act is the important situation for any sort of self-knowledge.” – Carl Jung

Examples Of Shadow Ideas

There are an infinite variety of ideas that would fall beneath the class of shadow ideas.

Earlier than we get into the workouts that may assist you to excavate your shadow materials, as a way to demystify the shadow additional, I assumed it might be useful to listing examples of what shadow ideas can sound like. These are actual life examples that I’ve both heard in group shadow work courses, from the mouths of my shoppers (anonymously, as all the time), and some from my very own journey combined in for good measure.

– “I feel I’m higher than most individuals.”

– “I feel I’m worse than most individuals.”

– “I hate males for ruining the world.”

– “I feel that ladies really are the inferior intercourse. They are saying they don’t want males, however I really feel like they might flounder on their very own they usually’re truly afraid of how a lot they want us.”

– “My ache is extra vital than the ache of others.”

– “I want that there have been wolves within the streets who would feast on the weakest individuals in my group. It might strengthen the gene pool and eliminate all the talentless losers.”

– “I ought to have extra money than 99.9% of the world as a result of I’ll do higher issues with it than most individuals would.”

– “I feel that folks (over the age of 25) who settle for minimal wage jobs have low vanity and deserve the societal place they’ve opted themselves into.”

– “I really like the sensation of being utterly answerable for somebody sexually. It makes me really feel highly effective.”

– “I really like manipulating males into giving me what I would like.”

– “I want that my mother had died as an alternative of my dad.”

– “I want that the underside stupidest third of the world would simply disappear. Or no less than that it might be made unlawful for individuals beneath a sure IQ to procreate.”

– “I’ve fantasized about being raped.”

– “Typically I hate ladies for a way a lot energy their sexual power has over me.”

– “I really like the concept I might coast by way of my complete life on my appears and my allure alone.”

– “I’ve fantasized about marrying and divorcing a number of wealthy males and by no means working a day in my life. I consider that placing my effort into my seems pays extra vital dividends than investing in my thoughts and schooling.”

– “I really feel like my gender/race have held me again in life and I want I might change who I’m.”

– “I hate cash.”

– “I want I might journey again in time and slit the throat of my highschool bully.”

Not precisely the sorts of belongings you would proudly say right into a microphone at your youngsters dad or mum/instructor assembly. And but, these ideas can stay inside us and we will nonetheless perform in society like regular individuals. Go determine!

And keep in mind… you don’t need to 100% consider in a thought to ensure that it to qualify as a reliable shadow thought. You possibly can consider in it 1% and it might nonetheless rely. The truth that it’s a part of your shadow has extra to do together with your resistance to the thought (the diploma to which you make the thought flawed) than the thought itself.

Advantages Of Being In Proper Relationship With Your Shadow

The advantages of dealing with and integrating your shadow are innumerable, however listed here are a handful of what I consider to be a few of the most enjoyable and rewarding ones.


– Higher intimate relationships

Our unintegrated shadow causes a variety of chaos in intimate relationships. Relationships, by nature, convey up our deepest wounding as a result of we’re permitting somebody to get so near us. When we have now come to know all elements of ourselves and settle for them, it then turns into that a lot simpler to get to know all elements of one other and settle for these issues as nicely.

– Elevated creativity

Suppressing numerous elements of ourselves stifles creativity. Conversely, letting go of being at struggle with long-suffocated elements of ourselves frees up an unimaginable quantity of power. The truth is, dozens of occasions over the previous few years I’ve been on teaching calls with shoppers who described emotions of tangible power surging by means of their our bodies mere seconds after naming and proudly owning a big, and long-held shadow thought.

Naming and proudly owning a shadow thought can really feel akin to pulling the plug in a crammed up bathtub. As quickly because the block is eliminated, the water begins flowing once more.

Whenever you combine extra elements of your self, don’t be stunned to seek out that your artistic power will pour by way of you want by no means earlier than (even should you hadn’t beforehand thought-about your self a artistic individual).

– Extra power

Self-rejection is heavy and taxing. Once you let go of the one-tonne bag of wrong-making you’ve been dragging behind you for many years, a variety of power is freed as much as be utilized in your life.

Each potent, highly effective dangerous ass I do know is in proper relation with their shadow aspect. This course of is a vital precursor to being your most embodied, creatively expressed, full-spectrum self.

– Larger emotions of reference to everybody you meet

As you come to know, love, and settle for extra elements of your self, it then turns into that a lot simpler to do the identical, as your default, for others. No matter whether or not you work together with them or not, will probably be that a lot simpler so that you can assume one of the best in others, and you may be extra compassionate, understanding, and affected person with others.

How To Face And Combine Your Shadow: 7 Workouts

Critical work on the self (and, particularly, partaking in shadow work) is an ongoing course of. There’ll all the time be extra layers to be revealed. I’ve had shoppers who had main breakthroughs and realizations about themselves, or about their households of origin, properly into their 60’s and 70’s.

That being stated, in case you are newer to shadow work, then you’ll be able to transfer the needle so much in a brief period of time, by giving a couple of of those easy workouts a real effort.

1. Monitor your most constant judgments of different individuals

The points of our shadow that we’re least in relationship with are the issues we’re the quickest to understand and decide in others.

Should you’ve heard of the idea of projection, that is what we’re speaking about on this part. Whenever you aren’t dealing with a facet of your self, you (very similar to a movie projector) venture that facet of your self on to others and see it on them. That facet very nicely truly be part of that individual… however in case you are fast to see one thing in others, time and again, then it’s probably your psychological content material that you’re merely putting on to a different.

Right here’s a private instance.

For years, I used to be fast to both see somebody as completely sensible and super-intelligent (when in actuality they weren’t very historically clever) or utterly silly. It was very black and white. In my eyes, you have been both a genius otherwise you have been an fool. I ultimately got here to understand that this pedastalization and/or judging of others was a symptom of me not dealing with and proudly owning my very own intelligence. As a result of I as soon as thought that I used to be silly in my childhood, I suppressed my relationship to my very own intelligence and relegated it to my shadow.

As soon as I got here to see, settle for, and honour my very own intelligence, the load of this sample dissipated quickly. This propensity to guage others on their intelligence hasn’t left me solely (I’m nonetheless fast to develop impatient with individuals who I understand to be much less clever than me), however no less than now this sample doesn’t personal me in the identical approach that it used to. I can see the humour in it, even whereas being in the midst of it.

2. Discover the individuals and issues that piss you off probably the most

If one thing triggers you, it’s as a result of that factor is part of you and you aren’t in proper relationship with it.

Do lazy individuals made you pink with rage? Take a look at the methods in which you’ll be able to be lazy.

Do racist or homophobic individuals ship you right into a blind rage? Take into consideration the methods that may you be illiberal or dismissive of others.

Do extremely expressive artistic varieties infuriate you? What issues are in you that you simply want you possibly can be expressing and sharing with the world?

These emotional triggers might present up in your life as individuals, concepts, objects, or some other supply. The purpose is to note these triggers as they’re occurring, ask your self, ‘How am I like that?’, or ‘What is that this response displaying me about myself?’, after which combine the lesson.

It’s all too straightforward to see all the evil ‘on the market’ on the earth. However nothing might be farther from the reality. The extra you waste valuable psychological power on believing that there are some unknown evil doers on the market on the earth, the much less capability you’ll have to search for the evil, malevolent, and harsh elements in your personal coronary heart. And there’s no coming to true consciousness with out first observing your personal capability for the evils that you simply understand in others.

Cease blaming ‘the person’, the president, or conspiracy theories for a way the world is, and as an alternative look inwards and observe your personal capability for evil/greed/hatred/and so on.

Get up, on a person degree, and you’ll have moved the world additional forwards than should you had spent that very same power blaming others for the state of the world.

three. Free writing

Self-observation is vital on the subject of digging into our personal blind spots.

Free-write (aka writing with out stopping) three pages of notes in your journal every single day for every week and see what begins to fall out of you. For this follow, I strongly advocate pen to paper writing over digital writing.

You is probably not stunned by 70% of what falls out of you… basic worries and anxieties that take up plenty of your mind area… to-do lists… random observations about your life. However there might be 30% of your output that may shock you.

“Hmm… I didn’t know that was in there. Or a minimum of to not that diploma.”

Perhaps you’ll understand how a lot simmering anger you’ve got been sitting on a few current battle with a good friend. Or perhaps you’ll discover simply how a lot stress you’ve been holding on to about some long-standing theme in your life.

Free-writing is like mining for gold (aspect word: I’m obvs a miner in my spare time so this upcoming analogy can be flawless). Most of what comes via you’ll simply be rocks, soil, and rubble. However the nuggets of gold that you simply discover by way of your efforts will probably be properly value it.

four. Meditation

Meditation is one other potent solution to observe your ego-personality in actual time.

Meditation doesn’t should be an enormous daunting process. It doesn’t need to be sitting in complete stillness and silence for an hour at a time on a agency cushion.

Your model of meditation may be dancing to sensual music for fifteen minutes each morning. Or sitting and taking a look at a lit candle for 3 minutes and respiration deeply. Or you’ll be able to scream on the prime of your lungs into an enormous pillow for thirty seconds, 5 days every week (RIP vocal chords).

Just like the nuggets of gold that come by means of within the pan dealing with for gold analogy within the earlier train, sure ideas, biases, and shadow parts will creep by way of between the cracks of silence your thoughts will entry throughout your meditation apply.

Catch them, maintain them, and maintain on to them for additional processing.

5. Speak based mostly remedy

One of many quickest methods to enhance the standard of your life is to extend the time you spend round top quality mirrors. Not mirrors just like the reflective surfaces that you simply look into whereas having intercourse together with your companion (like, real-time porn starring you and your beloved… not in an American Psycho approach), however mirrors when it comes to people who find themselves adept at validating your expertise and reflecting your essence (and your blind spots) again to you.

The sweetness, and frustration, with being human is that we’re all too near ourselves. We will catch a few of our little quirks and idiosyncrasies as they’re occurring, however the majority of them we’re utterly blind to. That’s the place having top quality mirrors is available in.

When you’ve got emotionally clever, sort, non-shaming, non-bullshitting buddies who can act as mirrors for you and have bandwidth on your course of, superb. Lean on these individuals and deal with the relationships like gold. You’re within the 1% of most fortunate people on the planet.

In case you wouldn’t have shut buddies/confidantes comparable to these in your life, I can’t advocate performing some type of speak based mostly remedy (with a extremely expert coach or therapist that you’ve a great rapport with) extremely sufficient. Clearly I’m tremendous biased as a result of I, personally, have benefitted from this follow a lot. I’ve spent good chunks of the final 15 years, on and off, in benefitting from having a coach or therapist on velocity dial… and the worth that I’ve derived type this apply is actually immeasurable.

If you wish to come to know your shadow that rather more deeply, I can’t advocate remedy extremely sufficient. Particularly in case your therapist is definitely somebody who has walked the stroll of wanting deeply into their very own thoughts and built-in their very own shadow. You’ll know that they’ve executed this work if they don’t draw back from going into deeper themes in your periods. Conversely, in the event that they attempt to steer you away from speaking about your unhappiness, grief, anger, hatred, envy, and so forth. throughout your early periods, run. Run distant and by no means return. They’re a hack and deserve none of your time or cash and also you deserve somebody who can truly maintain area for the fullness of who you’re.

6. Interact in group work

Just like the final part, however that includes much more mirrors to mirror your stuff again to you.

In a 1-on-1 therapeutic relationship, you permit one individual to get to know you deeply and see all your peculiarities. In group work (whether or not you’re in a males’s group/ladies’s group/shadow work group/encounter group, and so forth.), you multiply the variety of mirrors who can both witness you deeply, or set off your stuff to return to the floor. The commerce off typically being that the typical talent degree of individuals in group work will drop (in comparison with working 1-on-1 with a extremely expert coach or therapist). However don’t let this deter you. If doing therapeutic shadow work in a gaggle appeals to you, do it. And if the thought of doing shadow work in a gaggle scares the shit out of you, all of the extra cause to do it.

All of this with the caveat of you need to just remember to aren’t partaking within the work simply to leech from the group’s power. Don’t simply go to make pals. Should you’re going to point out up, present up all the best way. Be radically trustworthy. Let individuals see you as you’re, and you’ll reap the rewards of the method.

7. Be in an intimate relationship

Ahhhhhhh intimate relationships… nature’s remedy.

For those who assume that you’ve zero blocks to intimacy… that being liked deeply doesn’t convey up any sense of un-ease or unworthiness for you… and also you by no means decide anybody, ever, I might inform you that you simply’re both 1) an outstanding bullshitter, or 2) you’re single and also you haven’t been in a relationship for a very very long time and also you’ve forgotten what your psychological baggage seems like when love triggers it to the floor.

Once we permit a deep, nourishing love relationship to enter into our lives, it’s totally widespread for the junkyard canine of our ego to get able to pounce on any impending love intruder who dares to attempt to love us precisely as we’re.

When love is obtainable to us, the whole lot that’s in contrast to love bubbles as much as the floor to be able to be cleared out.

As all the time, observational consciousness and self-compassion is vital.

Discover the issues that bubble up for you… don’t decide or condemn these elements… and do the work of integration (identify it, personal it, embody it) to let it go.

Sentence Prompts To Assist You Combine Your Shadow

So, how does one combine their shadow?

The brief reply of therapeutic and integrating our shadow is that this: develop into conscious of the elements of your self that you’re rejecting, and convey these issues forwards into your life in a wholesome and accountable method.

In the event you’re at present at a loss for what shadow themes are lurking behind closed doorways in your psyche, permit these prompts to poke and prod just a little deeper.

– What’s my relationship to energy?

– How a lot do I need to have energy over different individuals?

– How a lot do I need to have energy over my intimate companion?

– How a lot do I need to sexually management my companions?

– How a lot do I need to be sexually managed by my companions?

– How a lot do I really feel I need to be richer than different individuals?

– How a lot do I aspire to be financially rich?

– How a lot do I really feel I’m higher than others?

– How a lot do I really feel I’m particularly damaged/fucked up/unlovable in comparison with others?

– How a lot do I need to use individuals?

– How a lot do I understand different individuals as sexual objects?

– How manipulative can I be?

– What do I hate about males?

– What do I hate about ladies?

– How a lot do I take pleasure in being manipulative?

– How a lot do I decide individuals?

– How a lot do I hate individuals?

– How a lot do I want sure individuals in my life/on the planet would simply die?

Did these questions deliver up some intense ideas for you?

Did you uncover any shadow ideas that you simply really feel uncomfortable with having had, or excavated?

Keep in mind… the purpose isn’t to seek out new, artistic methods to make your self mistaken for these new ideas you’re discovering. Neither is it to let these shadow ideas have complete free rein with none interjection in your behalf. These ideas finally imply completely nothing about who you’re as an individual. For now, the purpose is just to concentrate on them. “Oh, that’s in there. Fascinating!”

As soon as you’re conscious of those ideas, then you’ll be able to be in a spot of CHOICE… slightly than merely dwelling in a spot of unconscious reactivity.

Integrating The Shadow

Integrating our shadow could possibly be boiled right down to this easy course of:

1) Turn out to be conscious of the elements of your self which might be troublesome to face

2) Identify it out loud and/or have a dialogue with it

three) Step extra absolutely into this trait that you’re in resistance to (sure, embody it extra absolutely)

four) Having stepped additional into the trait, understand that you simply didn’t die and the world didn’t finish

5) Profit from a extra built-in relationship to that when rejected trait.

We will’t remove our shadow (nor would we need to), so the purpose of dealing with your shadow is to simply accept it. See the humour in it. Come to see it as an ally as an alternative of an enemy, and discover ways to harness it for the higher good.

For the uninitiated, shadow work might sound intimidating (and, sure, completely legitimate… it’s). However when you’ve got made it this far in studying this text, then I belief that there’s some necessary, unresolved psychological content material that’s begging to return forth and be built-in.

When you really need to assist the world to get up, do your personal inside therapeutic work. As a result of every little thing that you simply understand as being ‘incorrect’ with the world, on the market, additionally lives in you.

I consider in your capability to seek out these shadow elements, and convey them out into your acutely aware consciousness.

And after you have accomplished this… you, and the world, will profit drastically.

Devoted to your success,


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