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how to make water kefir
how to make water kefir

What Is Water Kefir?

There are some individuals who won’t have heard of water kefir earlier than. Kefir, sure, however water kefir? In case you don’t know what it’s, it’s a tremendous wholesome, dairy-free probiotic beverage.

It’s not made with milk like the opposite kefir you may know, however with water grains. These water grains can be utilized to tradition your sugar water, juice, or coconut water as an example.

The unbelievable advantage of water kefir is that it’s so straightforward to make and can profit you due to all of the well being advantages.

What Are Kefir Grains Made Of?

Water kefir grains include yeast and micro organism so the phrase ‘kefir grains’ is extra associated to how the tradition seems to be.  They also referred to as sugar grains, tibicos, tibi, or Japanese water crystals.

Water kefir doesn’t actually include any grains in it. The micro organism and yeasts clump collectively so kefir grains have gelatinous texture and are white, mild brown or yellow.

When you plan to make your personal water kefir, it is advisable purchase water kefir grains or powdered kefir tradition. There are three primary distinction between them:

  • Water kefir grains include a bigger variety of probiotics than what the powdered starter tradition kefir does. This natural model could be very top quality. It incorporates reside tradition and has incredible evaluations on Amazon. You may also attempt the dehydrated kefir grains however I a lot favor the recent stay tradition – as for my part – it grows quicker and appears to be extra “strong”. Each manufacturers could be reused (in contrast to the powdered tradition) and the primary options are outlined within the desk under.
  • In the event you care for your water kefir grains, you should use them indefinitely to make your water kefir. Sadly, the powdered starter tradition can solely be reused for a couple of batches earlier than it stops culturing.
  • The powdered kefir starter tradition is perhaps cheaper initially than the water kefir grains are, however you need to regularly purchase new tradition with the powdered kefir.


Reside Natural Water Kefir Grains

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  • Extra upkeep required to retailer for future use
  • NON-Dairy, NON-GMO, gluten and soy free, European origin
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Cultures For Well being

Stay however dehydrated water kefir grains

  • The reside dehydrated water kefir grains are heirloom grains, which means that they’ll not lose efficiency even when reused
  • Dehydrated water grains
  • Slower rising as they must be activated first
  • Simpler to retailer for future use as grains are dehydrated
  •  Consists of free entry to downloadable
     155-page e-book with straightforward kefir recipes
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How you can Make Water Kefir?

The elements that go into making water kefir are water kefir grains, filtered water and uncooked or  natural sugar.  Then you’ll be able to add fruit, juice or different components to make it style precisely such as you need it to.

Water kefir has fewer strains of yeasts and micro organism than the milk kefir does. However then again, the water kefir grains include extra micro organism and yeasts than buttermilk or some yogurts do, for example. 

The probiotics can range with every batch that you simply make with the water kefir grains. Take a look at the instance of yeasts and micro organism that may be present in water kefir grains.


Species Lactobacillus
L. brevis
L. casei
L. hilgardii
L. hordei
L. nagelii

Species Leuconostoc
L. citreum
L. mesenteroides

Species Acetobacter
A. fabarum
A. orientalis

Species Acetobacter
A. fabarum
A. orientalis


Hanseniaospora valbyensis
Lachancea fermentati
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Zygotorulaspora florentinar

* Supply:água.pdf

For some people who find themselves allergic to dairy, the water kefir makes a great various. Water kefir doesn’t include any dairy as a result of it’s grown in natural sugar and filtered water. Neither does water kefir include any gluten.

The beauty of water kefir – like dairy kefir – it’s reusable. As soon as your batch of water kefir is completed culturing, you merely take away the water kefir grains (pour the liquid by means of a fantastic nylon mesh strainer) and place them in recent sugar water.

If you take care of your kefir correctly the water kefir grains can final for a really very long time; truly, a vast time interval. They can be utilized repeatedly to make recent batches of water kefir everytime you need.

The powdered kefir starter tradition can be utilized too, however just a few occasions earlier than you have to purchase extra. 

For some people who find themselves allergic to dairy, water kefir makes a great various.

In case you are questioning if (as an alternative of the sugar water) you need to use natural juices or coconut water to make water kefir, you definitely can however solely sometimes.

Despite the fact that water kefir is reusable, it’s truly not likely suggested to make use of juices or coconut water on a regular basis, as a result of it might be a bit exhausting on the water kefir grains, particularly in case you solely have one set of them. They actually need pure water and high quality uncooked sugar to thrive over an extended time period. Juices typically have elements that aren’t needed conducive to the expansion of wholesome water grains.

It is important that the water is pure and chlorine-free and the sugar is just not refined because the water grains won’t thrive if there are chemical compounds (chlorine) within the water and the sugar has no minerals (just like the white sugar).
Additionally it is more healthy for you should you do not use faucet water or white sugar that’s devoid of any useful minerals.

The water and the sugar you employ to make your water kefir can undoubtedly impression on the flavour and carbonation ranges and may go as far as to have an effect on the water kefir grains well being. There are heaps of causes too, why every batch of water kefir may be totally different; if it’s too candy or too flat, it’d want a unique sugar.

If the water kefir grains don’t appear to be lively, you may want totally different sugar and water mixtures or a mineral supplementation.

What Water Must Be Used?

  • When making water kefir, individuals all the time ask, “Ought to I simply use atypical faucet water to make water kefir”? However ideally use water that’s as free from contaminants as it might probably be, merely for the well being of the water kefir grains.
  • The standard of municipal water will range, as will the standard of properly water and spring water. Water used for culturing water kefir will come from totally different sources. The house sources similar to properly water or municipal water might very probably include sure chlorine and fluorides in it.  Some nicely water is excessive in minerals which make it good for making water kefir. 

    You then get spring water which comes out the bottom and which is excessive in minerals. Faucet water might even be glacier water, river water, or water that’s collected in sure methods. You get “arduous” water too, and “delicate” water which may show an issue for some cultures.

  • Bottled water that you simply get in plastic bottles is out there all over the place, however it is advisable to verify the labels too as a result of it may be spring water which has been bottled on the supply or water that comes from streams or rivers; and even municipal faucet water. Then there’s distilled water too; utterly purified water, containing no chemical compounds and no minerals. Distilled water or reverse osmosis water, have extraordinarily low or non-existent mineral ranges and it isn’t appropriate for making water kefir.

Many of those totally different water sources may require that you simply deal with the water, comparable to boiling it or aerating it earlier than use. To make it easy, use spring water or filtered water. This can make sure that the water you employ doesn’t include chorine or fluoride like faucet water however it accommodates some minerals.

By the best way, for those who all the time needed to get a water filtration system however discovered it costly, take a look at this one!
The Waterdrop 320-Gallon Lengthy-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System is surprisingly cheap and has nice evaluations on Amazon.

What Is the Proper Sugar To Use?

  • To start with, all the time learn the label on the sugar once you make your water kefir.  As a result of some sugars may have anti-cake components in or different components that may simply have an effect on the well being of the water kefir grains. Select plain sugar or uncooked sugar with no different components for optimum outcomes.

    I like to recommend this top quality uncooked sugar because it accommodates many minerals, it is unprocessed and doesn’t include components. You can too alternate with this prime rated natural sugar.  It is a good suggestion to feed your grains with totally different sugar varieties as they range in dietary content material and that is typically what your water grains will like.

  • Some individuals have been profitable with utilizing coconut sugar however I do not advocate utilizing it on a regular basis as it’s too wealthy in vitamins. Use it sometimes and blend it it with common sugar for greatest outcomes.
  • When making your water kefir, there are several types of sugar which were used to make it. It isn’t really helpful that you simply use honey or molasses and even sugar substitutes like Splenda, monk fruit, stevia or agave, as a result of they will injury the water kefir grains and never present them with the proper of ‘meals’ wanted for them to outlive.
  • In case you are making your water kefir utilizing juice, you don’t want so as to add any sugar as a result of there must be sufficient sugar within the juice for the water kefir grains to feed on.
  • When your water kefir has completed culturing for 48 hours or so, the remaining sugar water left will differ. This can depend upon the components which were used in addition to your culturing circumstances. However it is sensible to say that water kefir that has been cultured for 48 hours will end in much less sugar over than water kefir that has been cultured for 24 hours underneath comparable circumstances.

Prime 7 Well-liked Water Kefir Recipes

There are lots of methods of flavouring water kefir. You possibly can add all types of fruit or juice and even herbs and spices. After you have tried a couple of fashionable recipes and know find out how to develop and keep your water grains, you possibly can attempt totally different choices and select what you and your loved ones like greatest.

There’s, for instance, the ginger flavoured one which could be very widespread and any choices with lemon juice are all the time a fantastic selection. Youngsters love fizzy drinks so go for lemon or orange based mostly soda pop when you’ve got a younger household.

Keep in mind that it isn’t really helpful that you simply add the flavouring or fruit to the water kefir with the grains. A few of the fruits and flavourings might injury the water kefir grains.  Take away the grains, after which add fruit juice or recent fruit.

There are some fruit juices, nevertheless, which can be utilized to make your water kefir. However then, utilizing the water kefir grain in juices after which shifting them over to the sugar water may find yourself in water kefir that tastes disagreeable. It’s slightly really helpful that you simply keep 2 units of water kefir grains as an alternative, one for the sugar water and one for the juices. In any other case, you would use juice as a flavouring after the grains have been eliminated.

Coconut water is one other in style taste, used to make water kefir. Earlier than you get began, make it possible for the grains are utterly hydrated and have been cultured within the sugar water for no less than 2-Three weeks earlier than you employ the coconut water. 

You possibly can alternate sugar water batches with coconut water batches to maintain the grains wholesome. Individuals have requested if utilizing honey is OK for making water kefir, however it isn’t actually really helpful in any respect.

The next are the preferred and greatest water kefir recipes. When you grasp them you can begin experimenting with different choices to make all type of types of water kefir.


  • Make water kefir and take away the kefir grains
  • Combine Four cups water kefir with Three teaspoons of lemon juice
  • Slice/chop 1-inch piece of peeled ginger root
  • Pour the water kefir with lemon juice into swing prime bottles, add ginger items
  • Cap the bottle and ferment for 1-Three days, relying on the specified degree of carbonation after which place them within the fridge so you’ll be able to serve chilled (“burp” the bottles each 6 hours or so to keep away from extreme strain build-up).


  • Make water kefir and take away the kefir grains (use coconut water as an alternative of sugar water for this recipe) – it will take about 24-48 hours.
  • Place the grains in sugar water after making coconut water kefir, to maintain them wholesome


  • Add kefir grains to 2 quarts of natural cranberry juice and tradition 24-48 hours
  • Place the grains in sugar water after making cranberry juice kefir, to maintain them wholesome


  • Make water kefir and take away the kefir grains
  • Add recent fruit to the water kefir. You should use: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit and mango. Change the fruit as soon as a day.
  • Tradition the fruit and kefir for 2-Three days
  • Drink it withe final lot of fruit or take away it and drink simply the liquid


  • Make water kefir and take away the kefir grains
  • Pour the water kefir into swing prime bottles with out including any juice and depart on the kitchen bench for two days or so.  “Burp” the bottles each 6-Eight hours or so to keep away from extreme strain build-up. After two days,  add vanilla extract earlier than consuming — tastes like cream soda!

6. Chocolate Coconut Water Kefir Smoothie

  • Make water kefir and take away the kefir grains (use coconut water as an alternative of sugar water for this recipe) – it will take about 24-48 hours.
  • Place the grains in sugar water after making coconut water kefir, to maintain them wholesome
  • Mix 1 cup of coconut Water Kefir with 1 Frozen Banana, ½ Avocado, 2 tbsp Uncooked Cacao powder and mix in a Nutribullet
  • Sprinkle with Uncooked Cocao Nibs

7. Orange Kefir Soda Pop

  • Make water kefir and take away the kefir grains
  • Mix Three cups of water kefir with 1 cup of orange juice in a jug
  • Pour into into swing prime bottles and let sit in a cool darkish place for 2-Three days. Do not forget to “burp”.
  • Place within the fridge when prepared and luxuriate in

Making Water Kefir – Issues to Keep in mind

  • It’s advisable that for the water kefir grains to thrive, you progress them to recent sugar water often (each few days). You shouldn’t go previous 4 days as a result of the grains will starve if they don’t seem to be provided with their recent meals. In case you are not able to make the subsequent batch, retailer the grains within the fridge or freezer (learn on for directions).
  • For those who purchase dehydrated kefir grains like this model, you might want to rehydrate them first. It will take 48 hours or much less. It isn’t advisable, that you simply drink the rehydration liquid as a result of the water kefir grains want time to rehydrate and begin rising and through that preliminary time they don’t seem to be consuming a lot sugar.

    So in case you drink the rehydration liquid, it’s going to include numerous sugar (not good for you). In any case, you may see that the sugar water style isn’t that nice to drink as a result of the entire rehydration course of additionally includes the yeast and micro organism re-balancing.

    Needless to say you’ll be able to completely get rid of the rehydration step however shopping for water grains which might be recent.

  • It should take round 24-48 hours to tradition your water kefir grains. However the exact time will rely upon issues just like the environmental elements and notably the temperature at which your grains are being cultured in. Nevertheless when you do permit your water kefir grains to tradition for longer than 48 hours, you set them vulnerable to ravenous (as they run out of sugar), probably even damaging them.
  • Some individuals marvel if their home is colder, will they nonetheless be capable of tradition water kefir. Many houses do keep cooler temperatures, and notably in winter time. If that is your state of affairs, place the tradition in a hotter place e.g. not distant from room heater, electrical home equipment, oven or you can even use a heating pad, reptile mat or this seedling mat. 
  • When you’ve got been profitable in culturing your water kefir grains, you’ll discover that the resultant water could be lighter in color, even look cloudy. Additionally, the flavour won’t be as candy and also have a type of tangy, tart, bitter sort of flavour and aroma. That is what the liquid ought to style like because the sugar is used-up by the grains. Nevertheless should you assume your water kefir doesn’t look good, or odor good and tastes ‘unacceptable’, it isn’t advisable that you simply eat it.
  • The style of water kefir that is able to be consumed will differ quite a bit. This can rely upon the sugar that was used in addition to the culturing time. It may be fairly candy or might also have a flat style until you bottle it. Many individuals want so as to add some sort of flavouring/juice to their water kefir earlier than they drink it.
  • Bottled water kefir must be refrigerated. That is how you’ll do it:
    – room temperature (68°-78°F or 20°-24°C): Three-Four days
    – fridge: 2-Three weeks
    – freezer: 1-2 months (is usually a bit longer)
  • In case you are questioning how a lot kefir grains you should begin culturing, then, say, 1-2 quarts of water kefir will want Three or Four tablespoons of hydrated water kefir grains. You don’t have to rinse the grains in-between making your new batches as a result of in any case, in the event you did rinse recurrently, it might be detrimental to their well being.

    Each time you make a brand new batch of water kefir although, you want to have a clear container. It isn’t a good suggestion to make use of plastic bottles to retailer your kefir. It is strongly recommended that you simply use glass if you work with starter cultures as a result of typically plastic bottles have the capability to drawn in undesired chemical compounds and also you don’t need that.

    I like to recommend that you simply use glass komucha jar like this one as it’s designed for all types of fermenting functions together with kombucha and dairy-based kefir so you’ll get a lot use out of it.

Water Kefir Advantages

Although these haven’t been absolutely documented, there are a number of sources that declare that water kefir helps with every little thing from weight problems, eczema, and psoriasis, ulcers and extra. Water kefir helps the intestinal flora to stabilize and metabolize meals even higher.

It’s a Probiotic

To start with, it’s a probiotic and everyone knows that probiotics are good micro organism that assist to maintain your digestive system wholesome. The digestive system should certainly be some of the necessary elements of your physique as a result of the physique is determined for good vitamins from food and drinks to be able to work correctly and to maintain you wholesome.

The digestive system has the job of breaking all these vitamins into sufficiently small elements so your physique can take up the vitamins for progress and cell repairs. Although water kefir isn’t thought-about as robust as kombucha, however, it incorporates a much bigger variety of bacterial strains than kombucha does.

All the great micro organism present in water kefir will provide help to with digesting your meals, stopping allergic reactions, boosting your immune system, and usually preserving your physique in good situation. All of the probiotics present in fermented meals akin to water kefir will increase your immune system no finish. What that equates too is that you simply gained’t get sick as a lot as you’d have!

It’s Straightforward to Put together

Not solely is it straightforward to make however it’s such an affordable means of retaining wholesome. You merely purchase your water kefir grains as soon as, after which use them time and time once more. See how versatile that’s – and it lets you customise your flavors to go well with what you and or household wants.

Plenty of people who find themselves hooked on soda drinks discover that consuming water kefir has kicked them off the behavior. Aside from producing dozens of wholesome probiotic micro organism, gasses are additionally despatched into the water, which carbonates the water, supplying you with the right base in your ‘soda’ drink, your wholesome soda drink!

Allergic reactions No Extra

Stories present that seasonal fall allergic reactions appear to drop to virtually zero when water kefir is drunk each day. You’ll quickly discover how properly it really works for allergic reactions if you depart it out of your weight-reduction plan each day!

Your Pores and skin Advantages Too!

Some individuals have been heard to scrub their faces in water kefir too. The outcomes acquired are that of a clean, glowing and gentle pores and skin.

You’ll be able to say that each one the fantastic well being advantages that you simply obtain from consuming natural yogurt, milk kefir, and kombucha – you possibly can anticipate to obtain from water kefir too.

Why Is Fermentation so Filled with Well being Advantages?

Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, cheese, and yogurt – these are just some merchandise that may not be what they’re with out fermentation. Fermentation is a pure chemical course of, the place sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide. 

This follow is hundreds of years previous. It allowed foodstuffs to be saved for months on finish at room temperature, with out using a fridge. One big purpose meals have been fermented was due to well being. Once we eat ferment meals we ingest hundreds of thousands of wholesome microorganisms.

It’s as a result of fermented meals supply help to the abdomen, defending it from dangerous micro organism. Lab research show that good micro organism from probiotics are what forestall animals contracting E. coli and salmonella. 

 Once we eat fermented meals, we take up vitamins higher. Keep in mind that one is ready to ingest heaps of vitamins, however until our physique can take up them, they turn into ineffective to us, like cabbage – it is extremely wealthy in vitamins, however in its uncooked type, it’s fairly troublesome to digest and may trigger fuel. However when it’s fermented within the type of kimchi or sauerkraut, it turns into a lot simpler to digest, making it straightforward for us to assimilate all these nutritional vitamins, polyphenols, and antioxidants. 

Kefir, yogurt, and cheese additionally lose lots of their lactose in fermentation, making for simpler digestion.

Fermentation is lively in creating and releasing vitamins like omega-Three fatty acids, digestive enzymes, B complicated nutritional vitamins, and immune system-enhancing beta glucans. A byproduct of fermentation is glutathione, a number one free radical scavenger for our brains and our bodies.

Analysis around the globe factors out that fermented meals will assist you to to create a wholesome microbiome which could be essential within the prevention of many critical and persistent well being circumstances. 

By providing your intestine wholesome micro organism like L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidus, L. bulgaricus, your entire digestive system perform improves. One thing like water kefir will simply proceed to guard and reproduce in your intestinal partitions lengthy after you might have consumed meals. Circumstances corresponding to diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, may enhance in case you introduce wholesome microorganisms contained in water kefir.

At the moment, commercially fermented meals lack wholesome micro organism as a result of they’re extremely processes, refined and include sugar, in addition to colourings and preservatives. Business merchandise make use of economic product elements, not pure, natural ones.

However you possibly can faucet into the actual well being advantages of fermented meals by discovering locations that do use pure natural merchandise or make your personal fermented meals and drinks. Then your sourdough bread, your kefir, kombucha, and different fermented merchandise will put your well being in one other league.

Your well being will depend on good micro organism and it’s fermentation that places hearth to that micro organism. Create wholesome microbiome. Begin including water kefir to fireside up your life and well being.